Introduction to Unlimited Holdem Poker

As any other kind of poker unlimited holdem looks like a card game. But to tell you quite frankly that is not so. Really!

Really unlimited holdem is a game of bets, based on little information where cards are used to create a situation for bets. Players announce “bet” and “call” considering that in the end their own hands (which they can see) will turn out better than opponents’ hands (which they cannot see).

Introductory Post to No limit Hold’em Poker

In order to make such an assumption about unlim holdem poker one should consider four factors:

1. The possibility of improving own hand with opening new cards, which is like a simple mathematical problem.

unlimit_profit2. Estimation of opponent’s hand, being an exercise for inductive thinking on the basis of all his previous hands, his common game style and bets at the moment.

3. Opponent’s possibility of improving his hand – another mathematical problem complicated by the factor that you don’t know his hand for sure.

4. Expected pot size.

When good unlimited holdem poker player plays a hand he looks at his own cards, looks at his opponent, thinks over the bet size and on the basis of his own experience and knowledge tries to guess what to do next: check, bet, call or fold – the same happens with online video slots machines during strategical play. In holdem when you play a lot of hands one of the factors becomes so important that other factors don’t require extensive thinking.

For example:

  1. 1. Player’s hand is so strong that he doesn’t even care about his opponents’.
  2. 2. Player’s hand is so weak that he is sure to lose at the showdown.
  3. 3. The pot is so big that he can play a hand almost without checks.

However don’t make a mistake thinking that even those hands are played easy. There are no easy hands in unlimited holdem poker. Since you don’t have to open your cards to win under favourable conditions any hand can win.

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