The Factor of Available Information in Poker

Poker is a game of insufficient information, but not all games of insufficient information were made alike. There are different levels of information availability from one game to another. How much information is concealed and how much of it is available – it influences significantly players’ interest and game popularity.


How right poker information can benefit you

In classical five-card draw poker your opponent’s all cards are hidden. Not taking into account your opponent’s bet strategy the only source of information is the number of cards your opponent wants to exchange. With so little info for consideration you have few variants of playing and so the game goes mechanically. Nowadays classical five-card draw poker is played only as home game and video poker games can be played online.

Another extreme point is another classical poker game – five-card stud poker. Here players have in their hands only one hidden card dealt in the dark, all other cards are dealt open. And again the basic strategy becomes mechanically easy (“Don’t play if you can’t beat each and everyone at the table”), this time because there is too much information available about all hands.

The best poker games find optimum balance between closed and open cards

Texas holdem poker lies right in the middle of this gold field. Two closed cards give a lot of space for fraud manoeuvring while five open cards let a good player draw a lot of logical conclusions about opponent’s cards.

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