Sic Bo

Sic Bo is interesting game. I made some brief overview about this new and not so widespread game. Feel free to add your thoughts

This ancient Chinese casino game has many different names and also well known in Asian cultures as Tai Sai. Initially this game consisted of a pair of dice which were shaken between the plate and turned bowl. Now another version with three dice and special cage for tumbling is widely spread all over the world and appears in many European and American casinos.
One of the reasons of such growing popularity is the simplicity of the game, you should just choose the right numbers or their combinations which will appear on the dice. This gamble has 50 different methods for making bets, so you can choose one you like most and sometimes the payouts are as high as 180 to 1.
This game has the long history and its modern name Sic Bo can be translated as “dice pair”, though as we have already mentioned originally the game has had three dice. Several centuries ago it was played with the help of the brick pieces and turned bowl. But nowadays we use for play a pair of dice and special shaking instrument.

In different countries this game has own specific names, we mention only some of the most widely spread: Sic Bo, Tai Sai, Hi Lo and Lucky Dice. For example Dai Siu means “Big Small” (this is one of the most popular variants of betting) in Macau. Speaking about the European analogue of this game we should note English “Grand Hazard”.

The fame of Sic Bo came from the Southeast Asia region and such countries as China and Korea by the 19th century it reached some West counties. As the result now you can find this game at the most part of European casinos and have the opportunity to try it both at the real life and online. The short description of Sic Bo is the following: The special table is used for plying this game, it shows all the possible 50 variants of bets and the casino payouts they can guarantee. Like in roulette game all the players place the bets on the necessary section of this table. The dealer starts the gamble shaking the dice and then shows the results and pays money to the lucky winners and certainly takes the bets of the gamers who are not succeed in the forecast.

The bet on the outcome can varies greatly it include the combinations of any of two or three dice, single numbers and so on, for instance the max odds are 180 to 1 for a very specific triple (all three dice will show the necessary triple e.g. 3 x 2). The lowest payouts are 1 to 1 and it is made on the value of one of the dice.

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