Hand Elements in Unlimited Holdem Poker. Part I

Hand in unlimited holdem poker has a lot of aspects and the cards you have in your hands is just on of them. A good player before making a move takes into consideration all hand elements.

No Limit Holdem Poker Elements of a Hand. The 1st Part

Here is the list of basic hand elements:

hand elements
1. What status has the tournament?
2. How many players are there at your table?
3. Who are players at your table?
4. How big is your stack comparing to blinds and ante?
5. How big are other players’ stacks?
6. Where do you seat toward aggressive and passive players?
7. What bets have been made before you?
8. How many active players stay there after your move?
9. How big is the pot profit?
10. What is your position at the table after the flop?
11. What cards do you have?

You may consider that there so many things to think over before making a move. And you will be right! That’s why it is quite difficult to play unlimited holdem well but profitably as in online video poker. If the list were short, the game would have been much easier; more players would have been able to play well but fewer players could have won really big money. So if you aim to become an elite unlimited holdem player you should be glad that it is really difficult. It means that your hard work will be well rewarded.

And now let’s discuss these elements one by one and find out how each and every of them influences your decision.

1. What status has the tournament?

shooted cardAt most tournaments prizes are paid to 5-10% of players though some of them pay less. (At one remarkable tournament of 2003 prizes were paid to 9 players of 197 participants; this is almost the most tough wage plus-bonus system that I have ever seen.) While it is still a lot of time before the knockout of all losers and assignment of prize-winning places, game runs ok. But as the number of players becomes smaller the game character changes abruptly. Most players become conservative and try to save their chips. Good players become more aggressive and consider this stage of tournament as the best one to earn easy money winning back opponents’ chips.

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