Rank Poker Room Bonus Action
1 Intertops Poker
Intertops Poker
110% up to $600 Play
2 Bovada Poker
Bovada Poker
100% up to $1,000 Play
3 Lock Poker
Lock Poker
150% up to $750 Play
4 Cake Poker
Cake Poker
110% Bonus of up to $600 Play
5 Carbon Poker
Carbon Poker
100% up to $600 Play
Jan 12 2009

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is interesting game. I made some brief overview about this new and not so widespread game. Feel free to add your thoughts
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Jun 3 2008

Hand Elements in Unlimited Holdem Poker. Part I

Hand in unlimited holdem poker has a lot of aspects and the cards you have in your hands is just on of them. A good player before making a move takes into consideration all hand elements. Continue reading

May 30 2008

How to Control Expected Pot Profit in Texas Holdem

The aim in all poker games is to avoid mistakes yourself and at the same time provoke your opponents to make as many of them as possible. Every time you make a mistake you lose and your opponents take advantages of it. Every time you manage to provoke your opponent for a mistake you get an advantage and they lose. Continue reading

May 23 2008

The Factor of Available Information in Poker

Poker is a game of insufficient information, but not all games of insufficient information were made alike. There are different levels of information availability from one game to another. How much information is concealed and how much of it is available – it influences significantly players’ interest and game popularity. Continue reading

May 18 2008

Unlimited Holdem Game or Cadillac Poker

If you have ever seen poker games on TV you are sure to have heard unlimited holdem poker game to be called Cadillac Poker. This is a most accurate expression, but not a lot of players understand why this game has earned so high reputation. Continue reading

May 16 2008

Introduction to Unlimited Holdem Poker

As any other kind of poker unlimited holdem looks like a card game. But to tell you quite frankly that is not so. Really!

Really unlimited holdem is a game of bets, based on little information where cards are used to create a situation for bets. Players announce “bet” and “call” considering that in the end their own hands (which they can see) will turn out better than opponents’ hands (which they cannot see). Continue reading